rent vacation house villa Orlando Florida
Why stay in a hotel when you can rent a home?
Hotel Vacation Home
Restriction time to sign in and sign out. Flexibility for early sign in and late check out at no cost provided the villa is not booked.
Line ups for signing in and out Ideally no check in/ out wait time. Just show up at the house
Typically only one bedroom/one bathroom per room, Not ideal for families Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Ideal for families.
Cost per room One cost for entire villa at the price of a standard hotel rate.
More noise due to high concentration of guests in same areas & buildings(elevator, hallway ,restaurant, reception, pool, recreation room Private homes provide more peace & quiet
Waiting period for elevators No elevators required
Permanently looking for parking space when returning to hotel You have you own driveway to park your car
Limited or no kitchen facilities, making guests rely more on restaurants Fully equipped kitchen allow guests to prepare & enjoy meals & snacks at home or around the pool
Pool/whirlpool access shared with all guests Pool homes provide private & personal access exclusively for home guests, no waiting for long chairs or table
No safety fence around the pool area Safety fence around the pool provided
Limited amenities & hotel entrance accessibility for security reasons, especially late evening (pool area, game room, kitchen,etc.) Guests can enjoy amenities & home access at any hour with no restrictions
Extra cost for laundry service or the need to pack excessively which results in more luggage. In house laundry room available free of charge. No need for excessive packing.